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AIFA technology- a leader in Taiwanese IoT industry. We are committed to researching, improving and developing digital life!
HomeKit Develop Control Technology

AIFA is committed to develop core digital science technology which could bring convenient life to us. We are an innovate company which hope that MIT can globalize the world again and we are taking pride in our profession as well. We won’t rule out any chances of any possible cooperation. We are fearless of any difficult, tedious or lengthy designing and developing process. We will embrace any challenge if we can have a chance to exploit our market for IoT application. If you are interested in our company and our core technology, please contact us at any time.

  • Bluetooth Control Develop

    Bluetooth home appliance control development, economic Department of SBIR.

  • Wifi Control Develop

    Development of intelligent control system for Wifi

  • Smart Homekit Develop

    Development of intelligent home control

  • SMT OEM Service

    SMT ODM-OEM Foundry Services


Wen-Lu Ni

Genral Manager

Alex Lin

Project Manager


App development

i-Ctrl Wifi Remote Control

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