About Us


AIFA was founded in 1993 and is located in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung. AIFA Technology Corporation has been deeply involved in the universal remote control field for over 24 years. At AIFA, we design, develop and manufacture various consumer electronic products for domestic and overseas customers around the world. AIFA believes that as a leading company in the industry, we are committed to providing high-quality service and state-of–the-art technology to our clients and partners.

 Our universal remote control contains a nearly complete database which can operate 95% of home appliances like: TVs, air-conditioners, top boxes, satellites, DVD, DVB-T, CBL, blue-ray, family theaters, audio, lights, projector, ceiling fans, and other appliances.

 Our patented MICOM technology enables us to provide customized IC design and iOS/Android app design services. We design customized, unique features on remote control in order to meet our client’s special demands. Some typical customized features have included USB functions, voice records, large-sized buttons, waterproofing, and even a bottle-opener and so forth.

 From designing to manufacturing, AIFA has been exporting competitive products all over the world and has earned excellent appraisals from numerous international customers including from Japan and Germany. We are passionate about high-quality service and excellence in R & D.

AIFA looks forward to hearing from our future partners.

Please contact us via Email: aifa@aifa.com.tw Tel: +886-7-7777128

Industry-university cooperation is ongoing and currently AIFA is included in IOT areas for pioneering Taiwan manufacturers.

Bluetooth Control 

▶  Bluetooth module/applied technology development.

▶  AIFA Technology SBIR in the Bluetooth Control areas are affected by the Economic Department.

Wireless (Wi-Fi Control)

▶  Wi-Fi module/applied technology development.

Smart home products (Smart HomeKit)

▶  Mobile phone APP Internet application.

▶  Our company’s core technologies combine the applications of Internet-related products with the most current Smart Mobile App developments.

We are developing several patented Smart HomeKit products due to the growing popularity of smart phones. We also have products dedicated to the iOS App (iPhone and the iPad). With our “AIFA control system for intelligent home appliances” you can easily control the number of home appliances. This system also allows audio upgrades to the Bluetooth advanced audio and optimized sound quality with “AIFA Bluetooth HiFi high quality receivers”. Dealers are welcome to contact us as well as any research and development team to discuss possible cooperation.

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