Design and Manufacture

AIFA has designed and developed various functions and capacity in its original microprocessor (MICOM). AIFA is committed to the continual design and development of practical improvements and useful products/features for our customers. With our patented design, we always seek a professional product appearance, new functionality, and multifunctional combinations. We are especially sensitive to the human aspect in all our design initiatives and are therefore committed to ongoing learning of the human dimension of remote control usefulness.

Our Taiwanese and overseas manufacturers work in close cooperation constantly developing applications and design features that enhance our core technology. For instance, some of our product enhancements have included a USB interface of remote control applications with IOT and Smart HomeKit (Wi-Fi Control and Bluetooth Control). We have also developed broader, stronger, dependable wireless receptivity with our equipment, remote control applications, integrated circuits (IC) and other developments.

From design to finished product delivery, we adopt a “one-stop” operation that is flexible and prioritizes high quality care at all times. We are open to customer-specific requirements, customized design, and whatever would enhance the marketability of our customers’ products.

Smart HomeKit

The work ethic amongst AIFA employees is very strong as evidenced by tireless research within the science control technology field. Our specific focus is upon derivative applications with a forward-thinking mindset and undeterred pursuit of improvements and development. AIFA has combined with smartphones to achieve a wide range of control technologies such as Bluetooth on HomeKit Control and the Wi-Fi Homekit. Additionally, AIFA technology is designed with iOS, Android and other smart mobile device platforms in order to be competitive and stay in-line with market demands. Consequently, AIFA technology combined with the core of HomeKit offers a globally unique technology in a rapidly expanding field.

Consumer Electronic Products

For many years, AIFA has been developing measuring equipment, human-sensing nightlights, rainy-day alarms, key-finders, wireless speakers, visitor-greeting machines, telephone amplifiers, electronic ballasts and other products for the home and/or marketing abroad. In these aspects, AIFA is well-known throughout the industry. Some of the customized features uniquely offered to our customers have included: backlit air conditioner remote control, fan control panel, expanded machine, LED tube, tuner, STB, and other related projects. We can match your device code with our inventive, patented built-in database library.

Quality Assurance and Awards

AIFA is recognized and supported by the Taiwan Economic Department Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and Conventional Industry Technology Development (CITD). In 2017, AIFA was a SMAhome Award Finalist for best smart phone innovations.

Contact Us

If you have IR Control, Bluetooth Control, Smart HomeKit, Wi-Fi Control and any other related projects, or if you need our assistance or cooperation, you are very welcome to contact us at any time!

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